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Room Hire

Townsend Community Cente main hall for hire

We have 3 rooms available for hire, two smaller rooms ideal for small group meetings and our hall which can hold up to 50 people. It also includes a kitchen with an urn and cooking equipment, we also have disabled facilities which include toilets and ramps.

Main Hall (Old school hall): 11.8m x 12.7m This hall has ample power sockets, projector and screen. This hall is available to hire at £20.00 per hour.

Community Hall: 7.8m x 10m plus a kitchen area, included is an urn, oven etc, ample power sockets, TV and access to the courtyard. Suitable for small dance groups, keep fit groups, meetings etc and can comfortably hold 50/60 people. This hall is available to hire at £10.00 per hour.

Clubroom: 4m x 5m This room is ideal for small meetings. Available to hire at additional £5.00 per hour to the Community Hall.

Drop In Room: 5m x 8m This room has a kitchen and toilet. This room is available to hire at £10.00 per hour.

If you are looking for a place to hold your party, whether it is a children`s party or older, we have a DJ on site and we also have two bouncy castles at an extra small charge.

If you would like more information please contact Claire Geraghty on 01202 301556, or come on down, have a cuppa and someone will show you around.

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