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Childcare Staff

Free Play Activities

Childcare roomWhen children have arrived and they have sat down for register they will be able to play in the setting. This is free play. They will be able to choose their activities, play with their friends, interact with members of staff and learn through play activities. Children are able to move freely around the room and have access to the outside (with a member of staff).

They will be able to use social skills, experiment, use their imagination, learn self-discipline and learn life skills through being independent. There will always be members of staff at hand to encourage, help and give guidance.

The room is divided into different areas of activities:

  • Quiet area – puzzles, mark making, story corner, board games and fine manipulation
  • Construction area.
  • Craft tables, painting, malleable.
  • Maths corner.
  • Water, sand, natural area.
  • Home corner, role play, knowledge and understanding of the world, small world.
  • Snack bar area.
  • Garden and outdoor play
  • Indoor garden and growing.
  • ICT
  • Library
  • Malleable table

We also have a time at snack where we can sit with the children and socially interact.

Children are encouraged to tidy away the activity they are playing with before moving on to the next one.

Areas of Learning Within the Setting

play and learnMark Making
This will be learnt through play and practiced through the activities around the room. There is a designated table for mark making which has pens, pencils, chalk, crayons, rulers, sellotape, hole punches, rubber, sharpeners and other such equipment. This is left out during the whole session and children can go and write or draw at this table when they want to. Numbers are incorporated through-out play, however the staff member at the mark making table will sit and guide children through numbers and letter work if the children want to. Mark making is an independent activity.

Physical Time (Inside/Outside or the Gym)
Children have the choice for a physical session. Ring games, dancing, free play & sports either inside or outside in the garden during the session. Obstacle courses are regularly created from tyres and tree trunks to practice balance and co-ordination.

Home Corner/Small World
The home corner is where children can use role play and home experience to gain an understanding and knowledge of the world. Small world is replica toys of every day experiences like the garage, farm, zoo etc.

Indoor/Outdoor Gardening
The children will have the opportunity to grow vegetables, plants and flowers in our indoor garden. Learning how to look after them and to feed them. They have the opportunity to dig and plant in the outdoor garden within the tyres and plant containers.

An assortment of construction toys are available for children to build and construct models. A variety will be provided for different abilities, from large to small Lego, train tracks and roads, soft modelling clay and play dough and much more.

Puzzles and Games
A variety of different aged group puzzles and games will be available on one table for the children to interact together and solve problems.

Paint and Glue
Paint and glue is available every day to create pictures and models. Staff interacts and assist. This is an independent activity. We also have a guided section for learning about themes.

Malleable Resources
Malleable is messy play where children can mould and experiment with ice, corn flower, soap flakes, play dough, clay, corny ice, straw and soil and anything that makes a mess.Preschool Blocks

Sensory & Nature Play
Sand, water, soil, cotton wool, straw, saw-dust, pine cones, leaves are a few items children can feel and play with along with feely boxes, shapes and different materials.

Musical instruments, singing, the guitar, drumming, will be part of the circle time activities and free for children to use throughout the session.

Physical Development

During the session the children have the opportunity to have physical play ranging from small activities inside to more energetic activities outside or in the gym.
Due to the garden not being close enough for free flow, we have allocated a set time and encourage all the children to go out. Staff will assist children at all times during the session encouraging them to run and exercise and enjoy themselves and being able to access the fresh air. On particularly miserable days we have the opportunity to take them over to the gym where the following activities are done indoors.

Snack Time/Snack Bar

Snack time for the children is informal and fun. Children are free and independent to approach the snack bar and help themselves to some fruit, vegetables, bread, crackers and cheese, milk and water. Fresh water is available throughout the session for children to access.
Children have the choice whether they want to make and prepare their own snacks, and we often make smoothies, milk shakes, fruit salad, salads, salad faces, Chinese, Indian and many other varieties of foods.
Children can approach the snack bar, collect a plate and a cup and help themselves to the snack and find a chair to sit on. They are then encouraged to put their dirty cup and plate in the wash bowl.

Special Time

During the session children will have the opportunity to work with a member of staff using activities where they can use extended language, maths, letter writing, experiments, games, and extended craft that they may need assistance. The activities are pre-planned and adapted to the child’s needs and development level. Children will also learn how to work as part of a group, learning skills such as sharing, helping and friendship. Staff members will assist, extend the learning, observe the children and make observations for the children’s key folder.Circle Time

Circle Time

Circle time, is a time where children can sit with a member of staff, read stories, sing songs and rhymes, play with puppets, role play, music, news time or play a game.

Twinkle Time

Twinkle time is similar to circle time, but for slightly younger children, between 2-3 years. This is a time where they will still have songs and stories, but the groups will be smaller and for less amount of time. After they have had a story the children can then do a multiple of activities with their leader, whether it is threading, drawing, numbers, letters or other learning but it will give the children the time to ask questions they may not have time to during session.

CulturesCelebrating Every Day

We celebrate every day at Beaufort Childcare Groups through play by using a range of different styles, introducing children to traditions and understanding different cultures, animals, people, climates, values of others, the local community and the world, festivals that are relevant to our setting and local community.

We will show awareness by form of activity sheets, language, display posters, books, photos, resources, food and equipment.

Imps Pre School Daily Routine

9.00am or 12.30pm Arrival Parents to Sign Children In
Welcome in children to have free play, parents can feel free to talk to staff and play

9.10am or 12.45pm Register Time
Sit quietly for register, have weather board and news time with the children and discuss the golden rules and health and hygiene. Children then are given their picture to put on a board to show they are here.

9.20am or 1.00pm Free Play Activities
Children can move around the room to the different activities. Children are able to have freedom of choice in what they do. There will be a balance of adult led activities and child led activities.

10.00am – 10.30am or 1.40pm – 2.10pm Snack Time/Snack Bar
The children wash their hands ready for their snack. We have fruit, toast or crackers and milk or water. The snack bar is available for children to be independent and help themselves. They will be encouraged to sit down while eating and drinking. The snack bar is open for half an hour. This will be an opportunity to sit down with the key workers and interact.

10.45am or 2.20pm Outside or Gym
The children are encouraged to go outside as it is extending their learning from the inside. We ask parents to provide appropriate clothing such as coats and boots. If it is particularly miserable day we will head to the gym where the children can participate in physical activities such as balancing, skipping, egg and spoon race, parachute games, and other such activities.

11.20am or 2.50pm Twinkle/Story/Song Time
Children under three partake in twinkle time led by a member of staff and involves lots of activities for a short period of time. This is usually a small group activity for those who find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. Circle time is also led by a member of staff and everyone is asked to sit in a circle. This is a time to practice listening skills, letters and sounds and voice concerns/opinions. If the pre-school are focusing on a particular topic we will plan an educational activity surrounding this, or ask people from the community to come help us explain

11.30am or 3.00pm Home Time
Parents enter the room, sign out children and collect children to go home. Parents can talk to staff about their child as well as find out what their child has been up to for the day.